Virtual organisations (VOs) are groups of researchers with similar scientific interests and requirements, who are able to work collaboratively with other members and/or share resources (e.g. data, software, expertise, CPU, storage space), regardless of geographical location. Researchers must join a VO in order to use grid computing resources provided by EGI. Each virtual organisation manages its own membership list, according to the VO’s requirements and goals. EGI provides support, services and tools to allow VOs to make the most of their resources.

EGI currently hosts more than 200 VOs for communities with interests as diverse as Earth Sciences, Computer Sciences and Mathematics, Fusion, Life Sciences or High-Energy Physics. A completed list of the established VOs is available at the following link:

In order to make life easier for the South Eastern Europe users, including the HellasGrid users, speed up and simplify the process of new application induction, the South Eastern Europe Virtual Organization (SEE-VO) has been establidhed. This VO is the most adequate for SEE users that do not fit in any of the existing EGI VOs. To join the SEE-VO as a HellasGrid user you have to request it via the web page:

Please note that this page has to be visited using the browser on which you have already loaded your digital certificate otherwise the process cannot be completed.