EGI Training Infrastructure supporting ENVRI-FAIR event

We are pleased to have our Training Infrastructure service supporting a dedicated ENVRI-FAIR webinar on Monday 13 July: Cloud computing and application development for research infrastructures. The webinar will discuss the basic concepts of cloud computing, including virtualization, containerization, service models, and cloud application development. The speakers will also talk about how clouds can support data management and scientific workflows in the research infrastructures via examples from ENVRIplus and ENVRI-FAIR projects.

EGI will contributing to the webinar by providing access to the cloud resources of the Training Infrastructure. A total of 40 VMs – 1 vCPU core, 2GB RAM and 20G local disk – will be accessed by participants during the webinar.

Register to the webinar to participate!

Early birds gather.. #EGI2020 registration is now open!

We are excited to welcome you to the EGI Conference 2020 this November at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. Get your ticket now! 👇

We are offering a discounted rate for the Early Birds, who can’t wait to attend our annual conference. The rate is valid until 25 August, and only counts for the full conference (3-day) pass.

Additionally, you can sign up for a 1-day pass, which allows you access to one out of three days of the conference.

Cancellation policy

In the unfortunate event that the physical conference needs to be cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic, we will promptly notify you by email and you will automatically receive a 100% refund of your ticket.


Should you be interested in booking accomodation near the venue, please have a look at the following options (limited availability):

Hotel Casa

– Manor Hotel: please contact us to receive the hotel registration form

For further questions, please consult the dedicated event page or contact:

New and extended EGI Service Level Agreements

We are happy to announce two new EGI SLAs signed with VESPA and ENVRI-FAIR.

VESPA (Virtual European Solar and Planetary Access) is a mature project, integrating 50 providers that distribute open access datasets throughout the world. The VESPA team is supported by the Europlanet-RI-2024 project.

Through the agreement, VESPA will have access to EGI Cloud Compute and Online Services provided by  IN2P3-IRES (France) and CESNET-MCC (Czech Republic). The VESPA team is coordinating an EOSC Early Adopter use case – VESPA Cloud – in the context of the EOSC-hub project. 

The ENVRI-FAIR project goal is to build a set of FAIR data services for all participating research infrastructures. The SLA signed with EGI allows the project to access Notebooks, Cloud Compute, Online Storage services offered by INFN-CATANIA-STACK and CESGA providers.

More in the SLA news…

  • ExTras SLA was extended until June 2021. INFN-CATANIA-STACK and CYFRONET-CLOUD are supporting the project.
  • D4Science SLA has been extended with additional resources provided by IFCA-LCG2 to support the agINFRA+ Virtual Research Environments to Support Agriculture and Food Research Communities EOSC-hub EAP use case.
  • Additional pledged resources were offered to WeNMR to support COVID-19 research activities.

MoU ceremony 2020 edition: EGI and the Chinese Academy of Sciences officiate collaboration

What do you do when you can’t share a table and sign a Memorandum of Understanding together? Well, as the show must go on, you reap the benefits of internet connectivity and technological enhancements and you capture the moment virtually!

Following a formal introduction of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the Computer Network Information Center (CNIC) and EGI Federation, all parties shared their ambitions, which all focus on the main goal: to foster global research and science discovery.

“8 months after my visit to EGI and other organisations related to theEuropean Open Science Cloud initiative, I am very delighted to witness this special event for us to start the journey together. Through more concrete actions I believe our cooperation will be productive and prosperous in the future.”

Shuzhi Wang, Deputy Director General, Office of General Affairs, CAS

Both CNIC and EGI presented their approaches to a collaborative open science plan and how the joint efforts can contribute to Global Open Science Cloud initiatives to support scientists and researchers who are currently trying to find solutions to global challenges.

“By closely working with EGI, I believe this cooperation will benefit the European and Chinese scientists with more flexible and interoperable e-infrastructures and services. So in the long run I hope this is a good start to improve the digital capacities for supporting global research initiatives.”

Yan Zhuang, Divison Director,Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS

Just before the epic group picture, completely in style of 2020 meetings, ceremonies, and the like, closing remarks were shared by CNIC emphasising the prospects of the collaboration between them and EGI.

“In the long run, I hope that our cooperation with EGI and other international partners will contribute to the development of cyber infrastructures across borders and global open science.”

Jianhui Li, Director, CSTCloud Department, CNIC, CAS
Tiziana Ferrari (Director EGI Foundation) and Jianhui Li (Director CSTCloud Department, CNIC, CAS) signing the MoU
Group picture, Jianhui Li and Arjen van Rijn both showing the signed MoU

Curious to read more about the collaboration? Read it in our latest newsletter article!

EGI Conference 2020: Call for Abstracts extended!

The following calls of the EGI Conference 2020 have been extended to 15 of July, 23.59 CEST:

  • Call for presentations
  • Call for demonstrations
  • Call for sessions

With this year’s theme “Federated infrastructures for connected communities” we aim to bring together science, computing, and (international) collaboration through a diverse and interactive programme.

Submit your abstract now!

New EGI publication: Joining the EGI Federation

We are happy to announce the release of the “Joining the EGI Federation brochure” explaining the values offered to organisations when becoming formal participants. This status gives more opportunity to innovate IT solutions with European research infrastructures, contribute to the implementation of the largest distributed infrastructure for scientific computing in the world, and to get support and solutions for their advanced digital needs.

The EGI Federation in the last 14 years made possible some of the most exciting scientific discoveries. This is thanks to its participants from 22 European countries.

Check out the brochure and get in touch to discuss how you can become an EGI Participant!

For any questions and expressions of interest, please send us an email to

June edition of the EGI Newsletter

The edition #37 of the EGI Newsletter is now available.

Among the highlights of this issue are:

New services or use cases to present? Submit your abstract!

In addition to the existing 3 open calls we invite you to submit your abstract on new services and/or use cases.

New Services

Looking for an effective platform of sharing a new service prototype with the community? Share your innovative tool during the new services design workshop, where a collaborative effort will be made to shape up the construction of the service into an even more solid foundation.

Use cases

During the ‘Design your e-infrastructure’ workshop, attendees can learn about the EGI services and, with the help of technology experts from EGI, can identify which of these services and in which configuration and arrangement should be applied to their own communities’ use cases. Would you like to participate with a use case? Submit your abstract now!

Please note: the deadline for the new services and use cases close on August 14, 23.59 CEST (different from the other 3).

EGI CSIRT fully commited to its duty

It has come to our attention that multiple supercomputers and other compute facilities across Europe have been targeted by malicious actors, in some instances affected by cryptocurrency mining malware. The EGI Federation and its supporting organisations deeply care about their international partners and peer infrastructures and take security very seriously.

Although so far there is no evidence EGI Federation data centres are affected, the EGI security team (EGI CSIRT) strongly believes in protecting the community and remains fully committed to its duty of supporting and coordinating on a day-by-day the EGI response to potential security incidents affecting the academic and research sector.

EGI Conference 2020: Call for Abstracts now open!

With this year’s theme “Federated infrastructures for connected communities” we aim to bring together science, computing, and (international) collaboration through a diverse and interactive programme.

The following calls close on the 19th of June 23.59 CEST:

  • Call for presentations
  • Call for demonstrations
  • Call for sessions

Have a look at the programme on our dedicated Indico eventpage and submit your abstract!