EUHubs4Data’s IoT-SESOD experiment supported by EGI


The high number of active IoT devices globally is expected to grow from 7.6 billion in 2019 to 24.1 billion in 2030 (more than 3 times!), and their high speed of adoption has raised worries about their security.

At the same time, the current state of IoT cybersecurity is overlooked and can be described with the three following facts:

  • 5 minutes is usually needed to attack a plugged into the internet IoT device 
  • 5,200 cyberattacks IoT devices experience on average per month 
  • 205 days it takes to fix critical security vulnerabilities

For all these reasons, these days businesses have to look for high-quality cybersecurity solutions that can provide deep-level protection.

Firmware is a core part of any connected device and plays a critical role in controlling main device functions. Firmware security and its continuous maintenance make an IoT device HIGHLY secure to use.

“An ability to see all the components integrated into the firmware (FBoM) is a time-efficient way to determine necessary actions in case vulnerabilities are found in one of the components.”

In the EUHubs4Data IoT-SESOD project, Binare is aiming to take off the label “black box” from IoT devices by generating complete and accurate (I)IoT firmware SBoMs and their always-up-to-date vulnerability (CVE) mappings.

The EUHubs4Data IoT-SESOD experiment results have uncovered the critical need to perform binary IoT firmware analysis & identify the software components in IoT device firmware: 7.9 M vulnerabilities & 3652 distinct CVEs identified in 14.000 firmware files, 2733 distinct software components & 178 device types from 215 vendors.

Thanks to EGI support and mentoring during EUHubs4Data, Binare was able to benefit from the first-class support of researchers and High-Performance Computing (HPC) specialists. Overall, over a 9 month IoT-SESOD project period, EGI and its infrastructure partners offered Binare access to a whopping 2.1 million CPU-hours and 4.2 million GB-RAM-hours of computing power.

Binare is a deep firmware-level security platform for vulnerable IoT devices. Binare’s automated cybersecurity solution not only identifies vulnerable software components in firmware like an X-ray machine but also takes care of new emerging cyber threats by continuous monitoring of the components.

Binare’s component analysis tool is a must-have for critical infrastructures such as healthcare, energy and transportation where decisions have to be made very fast in response to new vulnerabilities and cyber threats. These days the speed with which new vulnerabilities emerge is quite high and if you don’t keep up to this speed, it becomes a huge risk that can turn into a reality within seconds! Binare’s unique technology guarantees high-level firmware protection of IoT devices: scanning & fixing SINGLE insecure firmware is always a better option than fixing (or securing, recalling, etc.) MILLIONS of vulnerable, exploited or otherwise impacted devices post-deployment/post-OTA due to that single firmware that is found vulnerable.

Find out more about Binare and the experiments:

EUHubs4DATA 2nd Call for Experiments: deadline extended to February 8th!

The EC funded EUHubs4Data project has allocated 5.8M Euros to provide support to third parties to undertake up a set of data driven cross-border experiments through three rounds of open calls.  

EUH4D has decided to extend the 2nd open call deadline to February 8th to allow all interested applicants enough time to finalise their proposal. 

In this 2nd Call, with a total budget of 840K €, EUHubs4Data wants to select and finance 14 innovative experiments carried out by SMEs and entrepreneurs, making full use of the potential of the EUHubs4Data datasets and data driven services catalogue. These experiments should contribute to the growth of the global data economy and to the creation of common European data spaces. These experiments can focus on different sectors of economic and societal value for Europe and will help the applicants in testing their service offering and the sustainability of their business ideas.  

The experiments will help the SMEs to test their data driven solutions and products, bring them closer to the market and support them in their data driven innovations. 

new deadline: February 8th, 2022 (17:00 CET) 

What can you expect if your experiment is selected?  

Selected experiments will be able to test their data driven solutions and products, bring them closer to the market and to get support for their data driven innovations. EUHubs4Data will provide the experiments with:  

  • 60K € financial support  
  • Access to the latest developments on Data Analytics and advanced assets on Big Data. 
  • Technical & business coaching and continuous follow-up support by Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), valued up to 70K € per experiment 
  • Visibility and promotion through all project communication channels and beyond  
  • Development of and Advice on your Exploitation plan 

All information:  

Apply now:  

Direct link to guidelines:  

EGI Foundation is a partner in EUHubs4DATA, a project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 951771

Sign up for the Data Week – the registration is open!

Data Week is a three-day event focusing on the hottest topics of the industry! The programme is divided to six different tracks. On top of general topics, we have tracks for Data Spaces, Data Value and AI, Ecosystem and European opportunities. In addition, one track is fully dedicated to EUHubs4Data project

The event’s programme committee carefully evaluated and hand-picked you a collection of sessions, including business drivers of data-agile economy, AI in arts collaborations and Big Data as an enabler of European automotive industry… just to name a few! Leading professionals of the industry will give you the best insight into where the Big Data and Data-Driven AI ecosystem is heading. Join the discussion and shape the future of the European data community! 

Have a look at the agenda and register here! 

Data Week is held for the first time, following the Big Data Value Summit’s tradition, promoting opportunities, knowledge sharing and fostering the data ecosystem development. The event takes place from 25th to the 27th of May online. Registration is free of charge! 

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The Data Week 2021 is co-organised by DAIRO/BDVA and the EUHubs4Data project in collaboration with key members of the Portuguese R&I ecosystem (DECSIS, and Ubiwhere).