starts operations

The beginning of May saw the start of full-time operations at The results from the first round of appointments were announced:

All of these will be starting in Amsterdam over the next few months.

The positions of Chief Technology Officer/Technical Manager, and members of the User Community Support and Policy Development Team members are available.

From EGEE to EGI at 5th EGEE User Forum

As EGEE ended with 5th EGEE User Forum held in Uppsala, Sweden, the beginning of the new organisation was planned, discussed and described further. had a booth to meet the questions but different sessions about EGI were even more populated. The Auditorium of Uppsala University was full of people 13th of April as the EGI session ran in two different parts to describe the EGI-InSPIRE and other latest activities.

EGI Council meeting in Amsterdam

Following the establishment of in Amsterdam on February 8th 2010, the first meeting of the statutes based EGI Council took place on March 3rd 2010. The main items of business were the approval of the budget for 2010 and the approval of the Terms of Employment. Both items critically important as the recruitment of new staff continues.

EGI Executive Board

The members of the EGI Council (left to right): Michal Turala, Sverker Holmgren, Isabel Campos, Neil Geddes, Dieter Kranzlmueller, Per Oster, Arjen van Rijn (not shown).

EGI Council

EGI Council founded was founded Monday 8 February at the notary's office in Amsterdam. The important step to make this possible was taken last week during the 5th MoU based EGI council meeting in Amsterdam. In this meeting the EGI council approved the statutes for the new foundation and elected the first statutes based Executive Board (EB) of 7 members. The new members of the EB signed the papers for the registration in the chamber of commerce (see pictures). At the end of the meeting the council celebrated this step with champagne.

Now that exists, there are positions to be filled in the coming months.