Applications Support

The HellasGrid Applications Support team is a second level support team established at the HellasGrid National Grid Initiative aiming to provide to the end-users and application providers advanced support in porting their scientific applications to the grid infrastructure of HellasGrid and EGI in general.

More specific the HellasGrid Application Support Team provide the following services:

  • Provision of support for the integration of new applications into the production infrastructure of EGI, by providing various porting scenarios. To do this, the HellasGrid Applications Support Team identifies and applies best patterns, practices, tools and infrastructures in order to get the users’ code running in optimized mode on production grids as soon as possible.
  • Provision of support for the registration of new applications at the official EGI application database.
  • Coordination of the installation of new software packages and libraries at the HellasGrid sites and User Interfaces.
Users and application provides can come in contact with the HellasGrid Applications Support team by using the email application-support (at)