EGI Repository

Το επίσημο repository του EGI διαθέτει σε τακτά χρονικά διαστήματα ενημερώσεις για το  Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD 1)

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Infrastructure Statistics

The accounting statistics regarding the usage of the NGI_GRNET sites are provided and monitored by the  EGI accounting portal  This tool is based on glite-APEL services which gather statistics from every site which serve. Then the data are forwarded at the central EGI database and at the central  EGI accounting portal in order to be available at every interested.


Grid Operations Center

For the administration and monitoring of HellasGrid infrastructure various portals and tools are used by the HellasGrid sites administrators. The various tools provided are the following:



Monitoring tools

  • Grid services monitoring with Nagios application
  • Servers statistics provided by GANGLIA application

Network resources statistics (MRTG)

HG-01-GRNET (isabella) HG-02-IASA (marie) HG-03-AUTH (afroditi) HG-04-CTI-CEID (kallisto) HG-05-FORTH (ariagni) HG-06-EKT (athena)

Statistics regarding the usage of computational resources (MAUI)

HG-01-GRNET (isabella) HG-02-IASA (marie) HG-03-AUTH (afroditi) HG-04-CTI-CEID (kallisto) HG-05-FORTH (ariagni) HG-06-EKT (athena)

Monitoring of updated software versions (PAKITI)

HG-01-GRNET (isabella) HG-02-IASA (marie) HG-03-AUTH (afroditi) HG-04-CTI-CEID (kallisto) HG-05-FORTH (ariagni) HG-06-EKT (athena)

Collaboration tools

  • Wiki
  • Trac
  • SVN URL (web access through TRAC)

Request tracker tools

Ticketing System

Other tools

EGI Gridview Availability

Regional Certification Site Functional Tests

Hellasgrid Certification Authority

Services monitoring at simple view (users oriented)

Hellasgrid User Registration

iSGTW profiles Poland’s National Grid Initiative

PL-Grid, the Polish Infrastructure for Information Science Support in the European Research Space, was profiled in the latest edition of the iSGTW digital newsletter (22 September).

The feature-length article chronicles the establishment of PL-Grid on 31 March, as the first European National Grid Initiative to emerge from the former Central European Regional Operations Centre (CE-ROC) and explores the Poland's motivation to secure a leading role on the development of the European Grid Infrastructure.