EOSC-hub project is favourably evaluated

The proposal for the EOSC-hub project submitted as a Research Innovation Action to the H2020-EINFRA-12-2017(a) call has been successfully reviewed by the European Commission. The project is expected to start in early 2018.

The consortium will be led by the EGI Foundation and bring together 74 beneficiaries including Research Infrastructures, national e-Infrastructure providers, SMEs and academic institutions.

EOSC-hub builds on existing technology already at TRL 8 and addresses the need for interoperability by promoting the adoption of open standards and protocols. By mobilising e-Infrastructures comprising more than 300 data centres worldwide and 18 pan-European infrastructures, this project is a ground-breaking milestone for the implementation of the European Open Science Cloud. The result will be an integrated catalogue of services, software and data from the EGI Federation, EUDAT CDI, INDIGO-DataCloud and major research e-Infrastructures.

The consortium will now prepare the grant agreement.

DI4R 2017: Connecting the building blocks for Open Science

Europe’s leading e-infrastructures invite all researchers, developers and service providers to participate to the second edition of Digital Infrastructures for Research conference, which will be held this year in Brussels, Belgium, from 30 November to 1 December 2017.

The DI4R 2017 conference is jointly organised by EGI, EUDAT, GÉANT, OpenAIRE, PRACE and RDA Europe. The theme of the event is “Connecting the building blocks for Open Science”.

DI4R 2017 will showcase the policies, processes, best practices, data and services that, leveraging today’s initiatives – national, regional, European and international – are the building blocks of the European Open Science Cloud and European Data Infrastructure.

The conference will demonstrate how open science, higher education and innovators can benefit from these building blocks, and will contribute to advance integration and cooperation between initiatives.

The event’s programme will be available at the beginning of September. Registration and a call for participation for lightning talks, posters and demonstrations will open at the same time. All participants to the DI4R will be welcome to a welcome evening cocktail on the 29 of November at SQUARE in Brussels, organised by the EOSCpilot project as part of their event.

EGI is proud to be one of the major organisers of the second edition of DI4R. We are glad to see the growing interest and we look forward to working together with our colleagues from e-Infrastructures and research infrastructure to prepare a thriving programme. Together we will better collaborate, promote open science and bring us closer to the realisation of EOSC and the EDI.” says Tiziana Ferrari, Technical Director of the EGI Foundation and member of the DI4R 2017 Steering Committee.

Please follow the event’s website and Twitter feed for more news and updates.

We look forward to greeting you all at the DI4R2017 event in Brussels!

Downtime ahead!

Our colleagues running the IT department have scheduled a downtime for our Single Sign On (SSO) system in order to work on upgrades and configurations.

The SSO login system will be offline tomorrow 19 July 2017, from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM (CET). All EGI services that require authentication will not be accessible during this period.

The good news is that the upgraded system will be more efficient and secure.

The good news is that we cannot wake up early to work on the EGI website tomorrow at 7AM.

There is no bad news.



EISCAT_3D gets go ahead for construction

The construction of EISCAT_3D, a new international research radar for space weather research, has been given a greenlight and will proceed later in June.

EISCAT_3D will be the world’s leading facility of its kind, offering a critically important window to the upper atmosphere and the near-Earth space in the European Arctic.

The EISCAT_3D team has been working closely with the EGI-Engage and the ENVRIplus projects to setup and develop the EISCAT_3D user portal. This portal will play a central role in the EISCAT_3D architecture in a number of ways: it will provide services for researchers to discover, access and analyse (visualise, mine, etc.) data generated by the EISCAT_3D facilities.

The first version of the EISCAT_3D portal was released in 2016 by the EGI-Engage EISCAT_3D Competence Centre and was tested by the broader EISCAT community. Based on this feedback the Competence Centre is now working on an improved portal version, which will be published in August 2017. The Competence Centre integrates contributions from CNRS (France), University of Barcelona (Spain), CSC (Finland), UMEA (Sweden), the EISCAT Scientific Association and the EGI Foundation.

The EISCAT_3D will facility will be distributed across three sites in Northern Scandinavia – in Skibotn, Norway, near Kiruna in Sweden, and near Kaaresuvanto in Finland. Each site will consist of about 10.000 antennas fed by a powerful 5 MW transmitter at Skibotn and a receiver at each of the three sites. The EISCAT_3D project will start in September 2017 with site preparations to begin in summer 2018. The radar is expected to be operational in 2021.

Last chance to register online for the DI4R2016 conference

If you are a researcher, this is your opportunity to present your computing requirements to all leading e-infrastructures and projects. If you are a service provider, the conference is a chance to brainstorm new services and align strategies with your peers. Registration for the event will close on 14 September.

Learn IT service management in Krakow

Colocated at the DI4R 2016 in Krakow, the FitSM Foundation-level course focuses on basic IT service management concepts and terms (based on FitSM-0) and outlines the purpose and structure of FitSM and its relationship to other standards.

EGI newsletter: new issue published today

The new issue of Inspired is available online and in PDF format.

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Register now for the DI4R conference

The Digital Infrastructures for Research 2016 (28-30 September, Kraków) is the first user-focused conference jointly organised by Europe's leading e-infrastructures and projects. Registration for the event is now open.