7th ENVRI Week

ENVRI week is a week dedicated to Environmental Research Infrastructures, organised twice a year. ENVRI week hosts ENVRIplus project related sessions as well as several other sessions targeting different groups of stakeholders.

The 7th ENVRI week is taking place in Riga, Latvia, from 5 to 9 November, 2018.

The event will host an open ENVRI community meeting on November 5. All the environmental Research Infrastructures, e-infrastructures as well as other relevant RI networks, projects and clusters are invited to attend the meeting. See more information here.

Find out more about ENVRI week.


ISGC 2019 Submission Deadline Extended

The International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2019 will take place from 31 March to 5 April 2019 at Academia Sinica, in Taipei, Taiwan.

This year, the event’s theme is “Efficient and Safe Processing of FAIR Open Data”. The goal of ISGC 2019 is to create a face-to-face venue where individual communities and national representatives can present and share their contributions to the concepts of Open Data and Open Science.

The call for papers has been extended to 19 November, apply now!

Important dates and information:

• On-line Submission
• Submission Deadline: Monday, 19 November 2018
• Abstract Word Limit: 400 (minimum)~600 (maximum) words

Find out more about the event.

EGI and Peachnote extend service level agreement

We are pleased to announce an extension of an agreement (service level agreement) between EGI data centres and Peachnote.com, a music score search engine and analysis platform. The SLA is now valid until September 2019.

Peachnote lets you discover new sides of music, find great performances and improve your score reading. The system is the first of its kind and is visited by thousands of users every day from all over the world. The agreement will allow Peachnote.com to continue to access Cloud Compute resources delivered by CESNET-MetaCloud (Czech Republic). Peachnote.com will use these cloud resources to give visitors of their website access to a massive amount of music data.

Workshop: Success Patterns of Data-driven Business

BDVA / BDVe is organising a one-day workshop for business champions, entrepreneurs and interested „techies“ of the BDVA PPP to gain practical experiences of how to explore data-driven business opportunities. The workshop will take place on 15 November 2018 and will be co-located to the EBDVF 2018 at Siemens Conference Center (same venue that EBDVF 2018 Day 3). The workshop is free-of-charge for BDVA PPP entrepreneurs, however registration is mandatory.

There is a limited number of free seats left, so register soon.

Please see more information and how to register.


EGI Conference 2019

The EGI Federation flagship event for 2019 will take place in Science Park Amsterdam, 6-8 May 2019 and is the opportunity for research communities, IT-service providers, technology providers, members and partners of EGI to get together, present and co-design services for advanced computing in Europe.

More information on the conference will follow soon.

EGI Conference 2019 – save the date!

EGI Conference 2019 – Shaping the future of advanced computing

The EGI Federation flagship event for 2019 will take place in Science Park Amsterdam, 6-8 May 2019 and is the opportunity for research communities, IT-service providers, technology providers, members and partners of EGI to get together, present and co-design services for advanced computing in Europe.

The conference will focus on the technical and operational evolution of the EGI Federation and its services, with a programme structured around workshops, interactive and hands-on sessions.

The event provides a perfect opportunity for existing and emerging user communities of EGI Federation services to present and discuss use cases, usage experiences and to get expert support from EGI service providers.

More information about the event and call for participation to follow soon.

Service Level Agreement extended: EGI and EXTraS

The EGI Foundation is proud to announce an extension of the agreement (SLA) between a group of service providers and the EXTraS project (Exploring the X-ray Transient and variable Sky), now valid until June 2019.

EXTraS is on a mission to harvest the hitherto unexplored temporal domain information buried in the serendipitous data collected by the European Photon Imaging Camera instrument on-board the ESA’s X-ray space observatory XMM-Newton, in 13 years of observations.

Thanks to the agreement with EGI, EXTraS is accessing Cloud Compute services needed for the project’s activities.

The EGI service providers involved are:

CYFRONET-Cloud (Poland)


3rd edition of the ASTERICS-OBELICS workshop

The 3rd edition of the ASTERICS-OBELICS workshop will take place at the Postdoc Centre-Eddington, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK from 23 to 26 October 2018.

The workshop will be focused on:

  • an overview of the OBELICS achievements to the Astronomy and astroparticle physics community. In particular, the open software and services repository developed within OBELICS as well as other solutions created within OBELICS in cooperation with industries will be presented.
  • the developments of new software analysis approaches (e.g. Bayesian statistics, AI and Machine Learning) developed within the ASTERICS partner ESFRI and other world-class research infrastructures in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Astroparticle Physics.
  • an overview of the developments in the implementation of European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), with presentations from EOSC-hub, EOSCpilot as well as Astronomy ESFRI projects. The objective of this session will be to identify how astronomy and astroparticle physics community can support EOSC.

See more details on the workshop and how to register. 

10th European Innovation Summit

The 10th European Innovation Summit will take place from 26 to 29 November 2018 in and around the European Parliament in Brussels, and will mark its 10 year anniversary.

The programme will address hot topics currently on the policy agenda, developments in sectors crucial for Europe’s competitiveness as well as a deep dive into emerging technologies. A special session will be dedicated to European elections and how MEPs play the innovation card during campaign.

The summit will also host the EUtop50 founders and tech festival, providing a unique setting in terms of relevant stakeholders and information for start-ups to move their venture to the next level. Find out more on the event’s website.

Topics of the 10th European Innovation Summit:

A. Horizontal topics

  • Horizon Europe, the next Framework Programme for Research & Innovation
  • EU-Cohesion programmes  supporting innovation policy implementation in all regions
  • MFF, the Multiannual Financial Framework post 2020

B. Emerging and Breakthrough Technologies

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Quantum Technologies, Next Generation Computing, Internet of Things/5G mobile, Sunthetic Cells/Genome Editing, Augmented/Virtual/Reality

C. Across industry and sectors 

Digital Transformation/Industry 4.0, Climate Change, Clean Energy, Food for all, Healthcare for a better life, Materials/Chemicals for sustainability, Urban Mobility/Carbon free transport, FinTech/Financial services, Education: adapting curricula to reality, Smart Cities, Circular Economy, Security/Cyber security, Space technology and more.

D. European Elections 2019: putting innovation on top of the campaign 

E. Celebrating 10 years of European Innovation Summit

Summit partners have the opportunity to organize their own event as part of the summit programme on a topic of their choice and contribute to the plenary and other conference sessions.

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