C-Scale Open Call – First cut off date: 30 September

The C-SCALE (Copernicus – eoSC AnaLytics Engine) Horizon 2020 project will, through the EOSC Portal, deliver a pan-European federated data & computing infrastructure enabling Copernicus BigData Analytics. 🌍📡🛰 The open platform will integrate cross-disciplinary services from the Copernicus DIAS, the national Collaborative Ground Segments and the European Open Science Cloud, ensuring interoperability between distributed data catalogues, computational tools and infrastructure.

Help us design a state-of-the-art infrastructure for Copernicus Big Data Analytics! 

The purpose of the Open Call for Use Cases is to facilitate co-designing the C-SCALE federation with the scientific community, to ensure that the e-infrastructure implementation is aligned with end-user needs.

With this call for use cases, the C-SCALE project aims to offer access to infrastructure and platform services, dedicated user support and training.

Selected use cases will collaborate with the C-SCALE platform providers to deploy their applications, thereby helping us to identify the needs and requirements of the end-users to improve and refine the functional and non-functional aspects of the overall C-SCALE service portfolio. 

✍ Apply now & get more information here ➡ https://c-scale.eu/call-for-use-cases/

INFN-CLOUD-CNAF and GSI-LCG2 joining the EGI Federated Cloud

Two sites recently joined the EGI Federated Cloud, widening the support and availability of cloud providers for researchers. Both INFN-CLOUD-CNAF and GSI-LCG2 are joining the Federated Cloud as part of the EGI-ACE project. Access to both providers will be funded via VA and is already made available in the EOSC sphere, as providers of the EGI Cloud Compute. The INFN-CLOUD-CNAF cloud provider additionally brings GPGPU resources to the table, which can benefit many of the AI/ML use cases. We look forward to the impact of both providers!

The EGI Federated Cloud is a IaaS-type cloud, made of academic private clouds and virtualised resources and built around open standards. Its development is driven by requirements of the scientific community. Click here to read more about the service and its providers,

EGI supporting COVID-19 research publication

Since the start of the global pandemic, EGI has offered support to COVID-19 research. Numerous EGI services have played an essential role in these processes, and additionally, in collaboration with the Open Science Grid, a call for projects has openend to encourage researchers to take advantage of a wide offering.

Within a year’s time, we have seen quite some impact already which have been translated in use cases. Here you can read how services as Online Storage and Cloud compute supported Draško Tomić and his research team from the Rudjer Boskovic Institute in Croatia, who have investigaed possible new drug combinations. Computing resources offered by the EGI provider RECAS-BARI were used to replicate an improved bioinformatic pipeline for theidentification of genetic variants, in the study of pig genes involvement in the coronavirus infections. And the HADDOCK WeNMR platform has used EGI HTC resources in screening over 2000 chemical compounds against three COVID-19 related targets in up to 8 days as part of its research.

Read our publication that goes into detail on how we support COVID-19 research.

EGI Conference 2021: Call for Abstracts extended!

UPDATE: Deadline extended to August 9th!

Mark your calendars! The 2021 edition of EGI Conference will take place from 19 to 21 October 2021. 

This year’s theme will be ‘Beyond the Horizon – Shaping the Digital Future‘.

Do you want to be part of #EGI2021? The Call for Abstracts is now open!

You can submit your abstract from May 19th until July 1st 2021 August 9th. We are accepting submissions in the following formats:

  • Long presentations (25 mins)
  • Short presentations (15 mins)
  • Posters
  • Demonstrations (30 mins)
  • Workshops/Sessions (90 mins)

If you have any questions about your submission or are experiencing technical issues, don’t hesitate to contact us!

News and updates about the programme and registration process will be added on our conference page and distributed via our social channels. Stay tuned …


Renaming of GitHub organisation

The EGI-Foundation GitHub organisation has just been renamed to EGI-Federation to better reflect that this organisation is meant to host repositories that are made or supported by the members of the EGI Federation and support the Federation’s activities. 

While this change should be transparent for existing repositories forks, users are advised to update their remotes configuration in their local copies by following the GitHub documentation on changing remotes.

Having a central organisation managed collaboratively is a way to help gather information about the existing repositories, giving them more visibility and making them easily discoverable while sharing knowledge and best practices on repositories management.

Examples of repositories that are available via the EGI-Federation organisation:

Every EGI Federation participant is welcome to propose repositories to be included or ask for creation of new repositories. Contact us at operations@egi.eu to get started!

HealthyCloud kicks off and ready to pave the way for health-related data sharing across Europe

2021 sets off with a great number of new projects EGI is contributing to, one way or the other. This week, we have witnessed the kick-off of the HealthyCloud project.

Health and biomedical sciences have relied heavily on the efficiency of health research since the beginning of time. To meet this need, adopting best practices in health data management is crucial. The European Commission has thus made it her priority to create the European Health Data Space (EHDS). This initiative will be a means to improve health research and its translation to healthcare at all levels.

How will HealthyCloud contribute? The project will deliver a Strategic Agenda for the implementation of the European Health Research and Innovation Cloud (HRIC), which will be one of the cornerstones of the EHDS.

HealthyCloud has been organised around four fundamental objectives that cover:

  1. interactions with stakeholders to ensure their voices are included as part of the Strategic Agenda;
  2. inclusion of Ethical, Legal and Societal aspects in the design of the future HRIC ecosystem;
  3. sustainable access, use and re-use of health-related data, available in several data collections spread in data hubs, considering a progressive adoption of the FAIR principles; and
  4. technological solutions in terms of computational facilities and mechanisms to enable distributed health data analysis across Europe.

For more information on the project, read the full press release and/or visit the project’s website.

GÉANT Innovation Programme: Call for Proposals now open!

GÉANT kicked-off its Innovation Programme on the 23rd of February and is has now launched the call for propsals. The first deadline for submission is scheduled for 30 April 2021.

The GÉANT Innovation Programme in a nutshell

The GÉANT Innovation Programme will support innovative ideas, demonstrating societal, scientific, economic impact, for research project funding of up to EUR30k on areas such as networking, cloud, security, trust & identity and education. Proposals will be evaluated on a monthly basis, while the call will remain open until the complete allocation of funding.

For more information, visit the dedicated programme webpage.

EGI-ACE is officially kicked-off and launched!

On the 4th of February, the EGI-ACE project had its formal project kick-off meeting, followed by the public launch event the day after. Both days provided room for in-depth discussions, knowledge sharing, and opportunites to improve collaborations both internally and externally.

The Kick-off meeting was the first event that allowed for the consortium to meet, albeit virtually. Every part of the project was clearly presented by the relevant workpackage representative, ranging from project management to expected events, to the exploitation and impact that are envisioned. Unfortunately, meetings like these are still not being held face to face, but luckily creativity and modern-day technology allowed for some virtual networking and team building activities. We look forward to collaborating on this great project!

On Friday the 5th, the EGI-ACE project hosted its public launch event which allowed for any interested individual to join and learn more about the project. The event started with an overview that presented the opportunities the EGI-ACE project offers to users and providers to benefit from the EOSC Compute Platform. The session was followed by short presentations showcasing the infrastructure, platform, and federation services that EGI-ACE provides in EOSC. These services aim to support various use cases in the compute, data management, and authentication-authorisation domain.

Short presentations were given by Fabrizio Antonio (CCMC), Dick Schaap (MARIS), Agnes Mika (ASTRON), and Björn Grüning (University of Freiburg) to introduce some fo the Data Space services, supported by the project. Each presentation provided a clear overview of their objectives, and how the EGI-ACE project can play an important role to support the process.

The last part of the public launch event zoomed in on EGI-ACE partner projects from the INFRAEOSC-07 call. This provided the audience an opportunity to not only learn more about each project, but also to understand how EGI-ACE and each project aims to collaborate and what common purpose all aim to serve.

  • DICE (Data Infrastructure Capacity for EOSC) – Debora Testi (CINECA)
  • OpenAIRE-Nexus (Scholarly Communication Services for EOSC users) – Paolo Manghi (CNR-ISTI)
  • RELIANCE (REsearch LIfecycle mAnagemeNt for Earth Science Communities and CopErnicus users in EOSC) – Raul Palma (PSNC)
  • C-SCALE (Copernicus – eoSC AnaLytics Engine) – Christian Briese (EODC)

Missed the chance to attend the public launch event? Not to worry, we have collected all presentations on the Indico website. Should you need more information about the public launch, or the project, please do not hesitate to read up on our main project webpage and/or contact us at: egi-ace-po@mailman.egi.eu.

Launch your EGI career! Application deadline extended to Jan 31

Needed some time to warm up this year? We get it!
To give you some more time to….

….read the 11 open job positions

….think about your career development

….update your CV and write an awesome coverletter

we have extended the deadline to January 31, so have another look and apply now!

New year, new job? Join the EGI Foundation team!

Our EGI Foundation team is growing! We hope you can join us on our journey to serve research and innovation in Europe and worldwide! What better way to start 2021?

The following job positions are now open for applications:

Send your application now to jobs@egi.eu by January 17 (this Sunday!) latest.