Scheduled maintenance/Upgrade operation

We'd like to inform you about scheduled maintenance/upgrade for ~okeanos service between 08:00 EET and 10:00 EET on Wednesday, April 27.

Your VMs and Pithos+ files should remain unaffected.
Maintenance is expected to cause disruptions to ~okeanos services. Astakos, Cyclades and Pithos+ Web UIs and their APIs will be unavailable for a short time during the upgrade.

No loss of connectivity is expected for the VMs.

Thanks for your understanding,
the ~okeanos team

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Scheduled maintenance/Upgrade operation

Due to infrastructure maintenance and security upgrades, the ~okeanos service will be disrupted between 18:00 and 20:00 EET on Wednesday, March 16.

Any running virtual machines will be temporarily shut down during maintenance and automatically restarted afterwards.

Keep in mind that you should restart any running services that won't start automatically after a reboot.

We are sorry for the inconvenience,
the ~okeanos team