EGI supporting COVID-19 research publication

Since the start of the global pandemic, EGI has offered support to COVID-19 research. Numerous EGI services have played an essential role in these processes, and additionally, in collaboration with the Open Science Grid, a call for projects has openend to encourage researchers to take advantage of a wide offering.

Within a year’s time, we have seen quite some impact already which have been translated in use cases. Here you can read how services as Online Storage and Cloud compute supported Draško Tomić and his research team from the Rudjer Boskovic Institute in Croatia, who have investigaed possible new drug combinations. Computing resources offered by the EGI provider RECAS-BARI were used to replicate an improved bioinformatic pipeline for theidentification of genetic variants, in the study of pig genes involvement in the coronavirus infections. And the HADDOCK WeNMR platform has used EGI HTC resources in screening over 2000 chemical compounds against three COVID-19 related targets in up to 8 days as part of its research.

Read our publication that goes into detail on how we support COVID-19 research.

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