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EGI Webinar Programme Spring 2021

Learn more about EGI, about our tools and services, projects and collaborations and about the impact we have on science and innovation!

Join us for one (or all!) of our dedicated webinars, where we discuss in detail a range of tools, services and projects. We’re happy to announce the start of our 2021 programme with the following 5 webinars:

Managing Singularity and Docker containers, Kubernetes clusters in the EGI Cloud

28 April, 2 PM CEST  

In this webinar we will introduce the different runtimes available for executing containers in EGI infrastructure and will show how to manage Kubernetes clusters to get your containers under control executed on EGI cloud providers.

Enol Fernandez (EGI Foundation)

Providing controlled access to distributed resources and services with EGI Check-in: the user and provider perspectives

5 May, 2 PM CEST

This webinar will help new services to integrate with Check-in, the EGI Authentication & Authorisation Infrastructure enabling secure access to relying parties. The target group of the training are developers and administrators of services that want to connect to Check-in for user authentication and authorisation.

Nicolas Liampotis (GRNET)
Valeria Ardizzone (EGI  Foundation)

Access and analyze data from the EGI DataHub with Jupyter notebooks and MATLAB

12 May, 10 AM CEST

Good, clean data is hard to come by! The EGI provides scientists and researchers access to a large collection of public datasets from data centers globally. These data can be accessed using the EGI Jupyter Notebook service. MATLAB users can now analyze this data using the familiar MATLAB desktop, via a web browser, on the EGI’s resources.

Enol Fernandez (EGI Foundation)
Shubo Chakrabarti (MathWorks)

Monitoring services with ARGO

19 May, 1.30 PM CEST

ARGO is a lightweight service for Service Level Monitoring designed for medium and large sized Research Infrastructures. In this webinar we are going to show the process we follow to monitor a new service with ARGO. In addition, the real time computations and the results via the alerts, API and UI will be shown.

Emir Imamagic (SRCE)

Deploying virtual infrastructures with Infrastructure Manager (IM)

26 May, 2 PM CEST

In this webinar we will focus on the usage of the Infrastructure Manager Dashboard, an easy to use web interface designed to enable not-advanced users to deploy a set of predefined and well tested customizable virtual infrastructures on top of a wide range of cloud providers, with a single set of mouse clicks.

 Miguel Caballer (UPVLC)

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Every webinar is recorded and added to the EGI Community Webinar Programme playlist on our YouTube channel.

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