Happy holidays and all the best for 2021!

As the year is coming to an end, we are taking some time to reflect. 2020 has been one for the books, that is for sure. Many of the activities had to be done differently. No physical events and meetings, less-to-no travels, and instead a high increase in screentime. All in all, we have managed to book many successes and continue our work with great progress, for which we are very greatful.

“2020 was a year of tremendous success.” says Tiziana Ferrari, Director EGI Foundation. “We feel honoured for the trust received from 5 new incoming members: IS-ENES/CMCC, the EISCAT Scientific Association, EMSO ERIC, SeaDataNet/MARIS and SZTAKI. Furthermore, on the demand side 32 new research communities started their production activities on the EGI Federation.” Tiziana continues with an exciting outlook on 2021. “Co-design, research and innovation were boosted by 7 new H2020 research projects and 12 additional EU funded projects will start in 2021, including our project EGI-ACE (“EGI Advanced Computing for EOSC”) that will lay the foundation of the EOSC compute platform.”

“In a year of great challenges for humanity, we are grateful for the dedication of the whole EGI Community and the commitment of our scientific collaborations.” Tiziana mentions gratefully. “Knowing that the EGI Federation is an instrument to enable science and tackle today’s societal issues, makes us even more enthusiastic and motivated  than ever. We look to 2021 with excitement for all the opportunities it will bring, but also with hope for a safer and peaceful time for all of us.”

The EGI Foundation staff wishes all of you and your loved ones the best for the upcoming festivities, hoping 2021 will be a year of prosperity and peace for all of you.

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