ECRIN-ERIC and EGI sign agreement

We are happy to announce a new service agreement with ECRIN-ERIC.

ECRIN is a non-profit organisation that links scientific partners and networks across Europe to facilitate multinational clinical research. ECRIN provides a pathway through Europe’s fragmented health and legal systems with its pan-European infrastructure designed to unlock access to patients and medical expertise.

How will EGI support ECRIN’s mission? The EGI provider RECAS-BARI will pledge a total of 24v CPU cores, 80 GB and 7 TB of Cloud Compute and Online Storage resources to support the NGO’s activities. The agreement is valid until March 2021 with the possibility of extension.

Our Community Support Lead, Giuseppe La Rocca, shares his excitement for the agreement: “I’m proud of the collaboration with ECRIN-ERIC and of being able to support life sciences and medical progress with our EGI computing platforms and resources and hoping the partnership will continue in the future”.

We are also proud of the following SLA extensions: GEO-DAB, ENVRI-FAIR, OpenBioMap, EMSO-ERIC, BioISI, EMPHASIS as we continue to put our services at the heart of international scientific development.

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