EGI and EOSC-Synergy join forces to tackle COVID-19

We are proud to announce that EGI and the EOSC-Synergy project have joined forces to set up a cloud computing platform that supports COVID-19 research efforts.

The platform is based on the Galaxy service and offers researchers access to datasets relevant to the ongoing investigations on the COVID-19.

This initiative benefits from the services provided by the so-called “COVID-19 Virtual Organisation”, supported by the EGI Federated Cloud.

Isabel Campos, coordinator of the EOSC-Synergy project, says: “We are extremely happy to have set up this platform so quickly. European cooperation and know-how in distributed computing have never been more relevant in these challenging times. I am thankful to the members of the EOSC-Synergy project and the EGI Federation, and particularly to the EGI Foundation team for the swift and smooth support received to set up the user community support tools.”

Find out more about the collaboration and the newly-established platform.

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