EGI signs agreement with CLARIN ERIC

The EGI Foundation is pleased to announce a service level agreement (SLA) between the EGI resource provider CESGA and CLARIN ERIC, valid until December 2020.

CLARIN is a research infrastructure that makes digital language resources available to researchers and students from all disciplines, especially in the humanities and social sciences, through single sign-on access.

The agreement will allow CLARIN to access and use EGI Cloud Compute and Online Storage resources needed for the RI’s activities. In total, the CESGA provider has pledged 12 virtual CPU cores, 24GB of RAM and 1TB of storage.

Giuseppe la Rocca, Technical Outreach Expert at the EGI Foundation, mediated the agreement and says: “We are really proud to have signed an agreement with CLARIN ERIC and offer them the opportunity to access cloud computing and storage resources to support science developments. EGI’s efforts are once again visible as we continue to deliver open solutions for research communities all over the world”.

Willem Elbers, on behalf of CLARIN ERIC says: “The agreement signed with CESGA provides us with the opportunity to evaluate a new resource provider and will bring us more experience with the EGI ecosystem. The resources provided under this agreement will enable us to test-drive a redundant setup of the Virtual Language Observatory with the goal of increasing the reliability of the service provided to the CLARIN community and offered within the EOSC-hub marketplace.”

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