10th European Innovation Summit

The 10th European Innovation Summit will take place from 26 to 29 November 2018 in and around the European Parliament in Brussels, and will mark its 10 year anniversary.

The programme will address hot topics currently on the policy agenda, developments in sectors crucial for Europe’s competitiveness as well as a deep dive into emerging technologies. A special session will be dedicated to European elections and how MEPs play the innovation card during campaign.

The summit will also host the EUtop50 founders and tech festival, providing a unique setting in terms of relevant stakeholders and information for start-ups to move their venture to the next level. Find out more on the event’s website.

Topics of the 10th European Innovation Summit:

A. Horizontal topics

  • Horizon Europe, the next Framework Programme for Research & Innovation
  • EU-Cohesion programmes  supporting innovation policy implementation in all regions
  • MFF, the Multiannual Financial Framework post 2020

B. Emerging and Breakthrough Technologies

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Quantum Technologies, Next Generation Computing, Internet of Things/5G mobile, Sunthetic Cells/Genome Editing, Augmented/Virtual/Reality

C. Across industry and sectors 

Digital Transformation/Industry 4.0, Climate Change, Clean Energy, Food for all, Healthcare for a better life, Materials/Chemicals for sustainability, Urban Mobility/Carbon free transport, FinTech/Financial services, Education: adapting curricula to reality, Smart Cities, Circular Economy, Security/Cyber security, Space technology and more.

D. European Elections 2019: putting innovation on top of the campaign 

E. Celebrating 10 years of European Innovation Summit

Summit partners have the opportunity to organize their own event as part of the summit programme on a topic of their choice and contribute to the plenary and other conference sessions.

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