FitSM goes global through APMG

APMG International, a global accreditation body and examination institute, is the newest Certification Partner set to support the leading lightweight IT Service Management standard – FitSM – through a recently signed agreement with the FitSM non-profit license holder ITEMO (IT Education Management Organization).

As many of our readers know, FitSM is an open, lightweight standard for professionally managing services that has been a growing reference framework for many research and e-infrastructures dating back to its inception via the FedSM project funded by the European Commission between 2012-2015. Though there have been more than 1000 certificates issued to date and more than 15 accredited organizations delivering FitSM training commercially, it has been mostly limited to German speaking countries with the main exception of the EGI Foundation.

Through APMG, FitSM can now expand internationally through its global network of accredited, quality training organizations. APMG assesses trainers and training organizations around the globe to establish their suitability to meet the high standards required to become APMG accredited.

Richard Pharro, CEO of APMG International, stated in the recent announcement: “With high-quality training options, the FitSM suite of standards is an exceptional offering to the market, thanks to original funding from the European Commission through the ‘FedSM’ project. The standard can be freely downloaded, which includes open source course materials where candidates can develop their knowledge by learning lightweight IT Service Management, at pace, starting today”.

Robert Kuhlig, Chairman of ITEMO, also complemented these sentiments: “We are delighted to be partnering with APMG who have a proven track record for professional accreditation and examination. It is this rigorous and trusted assessment history that we are engaging to ensure all our training, trainers and course materials meet the very high standards required. Moreover, with a global footprint, APMG can help spread the benefit of FitSM to organizations around the world.”

I personally was involved in the development of FitSM through the FedSM project, first as a client partner needing to implement service management within the EGI Federation, to moving into more of a consultant and trainer role over the course of the years. I cannot express how excited and proud I am to have been a part of this journey and to see FitSM taken to a place it truly deserves. All to think that this was a result of an EC funded project!

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