Instruct Research Infrastructure adopts the EGI Check-in service

The EGI Foundation is proud to announce that Instruct, the ESFRI infrastructure for structural biology, successfully adopted the EGI Check-in authentication and authorisation service.

Check-in is an identity and access management solution that makes it easy to secure access to services and resources. Through Check-in, users are able to authenticate with the credentials provided by the IdP of their home organisation (e.g. via eduGAIN), as well as using social identity providers, or other selected external identity providers.

Check-in is now fully integrated with ARIA, the identity provider developed by Instruct, allowing ARIA user ids to be accepted by Check-in. This activity was co-financed by EGI and EOSC-hub in the context of WP5 (Federation and Collaboration Services: Integration and Maintenance) and WP7 (Thematic Services) of the EOSC-hub project.

Nicolas Liampotis, who leads the Check-in developing team, says about the achievement: “We are very pleased to support users with ARIA accounts to access Check-in protected EGI services. We are confident that EGI resources will continue to prove beneficial to structural biology researchers and we look forward to our future collaborations.”

Fiona Sanderson, Software Developer at Instruct, adds: “EGI Check-in streamlines authentication in a secure, simple and harmonised manner. By working with EGI to add ARIA into this service, our members can now use their existing accounts to access the expanding toolset of innovative computing services offered by EGI. This ensures seamless sign sign-on access for all users of ARIA and its diverse biomedical scientific community.”

Diego Scardaci, Senior User Community Support and Outreach Officer, at the EGI Foundation, says: “EGI is a solid partner of the structural biology community and we are delighted to take more steps in offering excellent services and strengthening our partnerships.”

Finally, Chris Morris, Project Manager at West-Life, a project that links the structural biology community with EGI services, comments that “West-Life is helping to make e-Infrastructure facilities more accessible for integrative structural biology. This work by Instruct and EGI is a substantial step in that direction.”

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