Decommissioning the Workload Management Service WMS

Dear EGI users,

as previously announced, in January 2018 it is going to start the decommission procedure for all the WMS servers in the infrastructure: they will be put in draining in order to avoid submissions of new jobs and to allow the ending of the ones already submitted.

As alternative workload management system, EGI can provide support for migrating to the DIRAC service, a tool that provides features very similar to the WMS ones.

A central server (DIRAC4EGI) is available for the EGI user communities: if you need a Workload Management System for your daily activities, please discuss it with your VO managers and get in contact with EGI Operations through a GGUS ticket. Together the DIRAC supporters, we can set-up the server for your VO and provide support for the migration.

It is also available a quick “How to” for accessing to DIRAC4EGI and using it by CLI:
In the HowTO you can find links to the general DIRAC guides as well.

Should you have any question, do not hesitate to contact your VO/NGI managers and EGI Operations.

Best regards,
EGI Operations

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