Critical glibc vulnerability found (GHOST)

Hi ~okeanos users,

As some of you might have heard, a new glibc vulnerability has been found. It has been named GHOST (CVE 2015-0235) and affects most Linux systems. You can find a detailed description of this vulnerability here. From the ~okeanos images that we provide at this moment, the affected ones are the following:

  • (K)Ubuntu, prior to version 14.04
  • Debian, all versions
  • CentOS, all versions
  • Oracle Linux, all versions

On our part, we have updated our own systems, but you are strongly advised to update your VMs too [1]. Moreover, we will shortly ship new versions of the aforementioned images with the patched glibc.

Take care,
the ~okeanos team

[1]: On Debian and Debian derivative systems that means

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

and on CentOS/RHEL

yum update

Finally, reboot your VMs.

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