Brand new virtual hardware for your VMs (Reboot required)

Hello everybody,

Beta is closing up and new stuff is already here! Today, we upgraded the virtual hardware for your VMs in the latest and greatest version. This means that any new VMs you create will run on the new virtual hardware.

We also know that everybody would like their old machines (which are already running with old virtual hardware) to get upgraded too. So, we've got you covered too. Just reboot your old machines from the ~okeanos Web UI and they will automatically get ugraded to the new virtual hardware. Note that rebooting from inside your machine and not the Web UI will NOT get your machine upgraded. To learn more on how to properly reboot your VMs, check this FAQ.

You're free to reboot your machines at your convenience, until Thursday, Dec 12 2013, 11:00 EET (09:00 UTC). If you haven't rebooted your machines until then, they will be automatically rebooted, since we want everybody to run on new virtual hardware during beta. This way, everyone will be able to exploit all new features that are coming along.

Thank you,
the ~okeanos team
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