7th PRACE Regular Call for Proposals

The PRACE 7th Project Access Call for Proposals is now open from February 13 to March 26.

The entire PRACE Tier-0 Research Infrastructure is available:

•         CURIE (GENCI@CEA, France)

•         FERMI (CINECA, Italy)

•         HERMIT (GCS@HLRS, Germany)

•         JUQUEEN (GCS@Jülich, Germany)

•         MareNostrum (BSC, Spain)

•         SuperMUC (GCS@LRZ, Germany)

Allocations will be for 1 year starting from early September, 2013 intended to individual researchers as well as multi-national research groups,  asking for resources on a single or multiple machines.

The 7th Call is open to academia and industry under specific mandatory conditions including that access is devoted solely for open R&D research purposes. Please carefully check the full eligibility criteria list in the text of the call for proposals.

All applications – whether submitted by academia or by commercial companies – will be evaluated against the highest peer-review standards. Application must demonstrate scientific excellence, include elements of novelty, transformative aspects and have a recognised scientific impact.

The PRACE 7th Call for Proposals can be found on the PRACE website. It will be closed on March 26, noon (12:00 CET Brussels time)

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! late submission is not receivable.

Keep in mind the following important dates related to this Call:

•         Opening date: February 13, 2013

•         Closing date: March 26, 12:00 CET – noon - Brussels time >>> compulsory deadline

•         Allocation for 12 months

•         Starting date of awarded proposals: September 3, 2012

•         For any queries related to applications

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