The new strategy plan is available for comments

Over the last three months, EGI has been reflecting on its strategy as Europe moves towards the ambitious aims outlined in the European Commission's Europe 2020 vision. Following review and feedback from the EGI-InSPIRE Project Management Board, the EGI strategy is now available for your feedback and comment.

The EGI’s strategic plan outlines the initiatives that can take place within the EGI community over the next two years, supported through the FP7-funded EGI-InSPIRE project in the first instance, and subsequent related projects. In future, with further investment from the EC and national funding bodies, these will develop EGI’s strengths in:

  • European-wide coordination and interaction with research communities and national resource infrastructure providers.

  • Coordination, maintenance, operation and delivery of an open uniform European-wide federated production infrastructure

  • Developing and promoting technologies for federating the emerging cloud resources

  • Supporting the integration and operation of scalable interdisciplinary Virtual Research Environments personalised to each research community

Our strategy is to evolve EGI’s activities to be a key enabling foundation of the online European Research Area (ERA), supported by continued investment from national and European funding bodies. The online ERA is part of the European Commission’s Innovation Union initiative.

EGI's contribution will be to provide the transnational multi-disciplinary research collaborations within the ERA with a world class e-Infrastructure, able to support innovative collaborative virtual laboratories for simulation, data sharing and data analysis activities that is sustainable for decades to come.

The EGI strategic plan is targeted at European and national policy makers and senior managers in resource providers, virtual research communities and other stakeholders within the EGI ecosystem. Additional information will be provided in the EGI Technical Roadmap (which will detail work taking place within the remainder of the EGI-InSPIRE project), and in a document titled ‘Evolving the EGI Business Model’ (which will focus on the sustainability options of individual components in the ecosystem).

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