Ibergrid publishes 2011 Annual Report

Ibergrid has published its first annual report, which is available for download in .pdf format.

Ibergrid was set up in May 2010 as an umbrella organisation for INGRID and ES-NGI,  the Portuguese and Spanish National Grid Initiatives. The organisation offers aggregated computing power of more than 24,000 cores and 20 Petabytes of online storage available 24/7 and supports scientists in many fields of research, including High Energy Physics, Computational Chemistry, Engineering and Nuclear Fusion. The usage of Ibergrid resources has doubled over the past year, reaching 124 million CPU hours in December 2011.

But what are Portuguese and Spanish researchers doing with these resources? The Ibergrid Annual Report answers the question in great detail listing more than 20 pages of use cases and practical applications of grid computing to research in Portugal and Spain, from the ECO-SELFE model (already featured as a case study in this website) to contributions to Computational Chemistry and the Life Sciences.



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