It’s time for the 2012 Collaborations Workshop

The Collaborations Workshop gets researchers and software developers working together to solve research problems. If you’re a researcher who wants to make more of software, or a developer who wants to work with researchers, the workshop is the perfect opportunity to meet new collaborators.

The Collaborations Workshop will be held on 21-22 March at Queen’s College, Oxford. Registration is now open and more information is available on the Collaborations Workshop website.

Meet with researchers and software developers

A fresh perspective can help solve problems or come up with new ideas. The workshop brings together researchers from a wide range of disciplines, and software developers with experience of working for the research community. It is this variety of backgrounds that makes the workshop productive. To see who’s attending, visit the website.

You control the agenda

The workshop is split into a series of discussion sessions. As a delegate, you can nominate topics for discussion: anything from a problem specific to your research, to an issue that affects the entire research community. We will then discuss the topic and try to find solutions.

To see the discussion topics that have been suggested so far, visit the website.

Everything is flexible

Everything about the workshop is flexible. Delegates control what they talk about. If someone wants time to present results, time will be found. If more time is needed for a discussion, it will be added (agenda).

Everything is open

Information on the planning of the workshop, the agenda items, the presentations, the reporting-back sessions, and post-workshop progress will all be available on the CW12 website.

For more information, visit the Collaborations Workshop website or send us an email (

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