EGI mascot competition – you can vote now!

The voting phase of the EGI mascot competition has begun.

We’re looking for a mascot to represent EGI and we organised a competition to pool ideas from the community. Over the past few weeks we received a good number of entries with some excellent suggestions.

Now you can vote on your favourite for the People’s Choice prize. 

You can pick from (Facebook album):

  • Ecgo, an octopus

  • ALCATRAZ, a northern gannet

  • The HUB

  • Flopsy, a rabbit

  • Colin, a sheep

  • Edgar Egi, a sophisticated man

  • Pegi, a peafowl

  • Egi@nt, an ant

  • InGRID, a spider

  • Susy Bee, a bee

  • [unnamed], a flame

The winners will be announced on 15th February.

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