ScalaLife joins EGI community

The ScalaLife project (Scalable Software Services for Life Science) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI).

The agreement was signed by Steven Newhouse, director of on behalf of the EGI community, and Erwin Laure, ScalaLife’s project director.

“ScalaLife intends to prototype a competence centre for Life Science Researchers that will support them in all questions related to the use of HPC techniques in their work,” says Laure. “Particularly, it will provide help scaling applications, best practices in what algorithms, tools, computational architectures to choose, and help gaining access to computational resources.”

Life science researchers usually require powerful computing tools for their work, including High Throughput and High Performance Computing.

“Through our collaboration with EGI and the EGI-related Life Science communities organised under HealthGrid, ScalaLife will be able to complement its HPC competences with competences in HTC and direct HTC-related issues towards EGI and likewise complement EGI competences such that EGI can relate HPC issues towards ScalaLife,” adds Laure.

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