Hydrometeorological sciences VRC joins forces with EGI

The Hydrometeorological Research Community (HMRC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the European Grid Infrastructure on 22 August. The agreement was signed by EGI.eu’s director Steven Newhouse on behalf of the EGI community, and Antonio Parodi project leader of the CIMA Research Foundation and HMRC coordinator.

“The HMRC is constituted by scientists undertaking fundamental and applied research in the field of measurement, analysis and modeling of atmospheric and land surface processes tied to the hydrologic cycle, with a growing emphasis on the prediction and prevention of natural disasters associated with flash-floods, landslides, and forest fires,” says Parodi.

Over the past decade, the hydrometeorological sciences have made progress thanks to new modelling tools, post-processing methodologies and wider availability of observational data. “However, the awareness of the potential of the grid technology as a catalyst for future hydrometeorological research is still low,” Parodi adds.

With this agreement, Parodi hopes to catch up and make the most of the possibilities offered by the EGI e-infrastructure, in particular “to advance the exchange and interfacing of methods and know-how available in both grid and hydrometeorological communities.”

The MoU will also facilitate the identification, communication and discussion of requirements for porting and deployment of state-of-the-art hydrometeorological research, as well as the improvement and standardisation on research-specific services through the exchange of grid expertise.

Steve Brewer, Chief Community Officer at EGI.eu says: “I welcome the fact that HMRC is committed to bringing the added value of distributed computing to hydrometeorological scientists. Furthermore, EGI fully supports their goal of maximising the impact and accessibility of their research, which covers areas of crucial importance to all our lives.”

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