Bringing life to the grid

Last month marked another step forward for the European Grid Infrastructure as they signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Life Science Grid Community (LSGC). The MoU will solidify the relationship between the two, bringing benefits to all grid users.

Biomedical research was one of the first communities, after high energy physics, to embrace grid technology. Yannick Legre the president of HealthGrid, the organisation co-ordinating LSGC, recognises the benefits the grid has had on their work "The European grid has been instrumental in the work we do. We have been able to offer researchers resources that they could usually only dream of, enabling research into some of the most exciting areas of biomedicine. We are really happy to formalise our relationship with EGI and look forward to working with them on providing an infrastructure for our members".

The agreement provides a joint work plan covering; user support, operations, outreach, requirement gathering and policies and procedures. Collaborating on these areas will ensure that the two can work together to improve the services they offer.

Steve Brewer EGI's Chief Community Officer believes that this is an important agreement for the project "EGI is providing an infrastructure for research in Europe. To do this we need to work with every discipline and discover their wants and needs. The life sciences have a very different view of the technology to a group like particle physicists, making the grid work for them will only improve the grid experience for them and others. I am delighted that we have been able to bring that community on-board so quickly. I think it is proof that we have something to offer everyone".

Sergio Andreozzi, Policy Development Manager at EGI, supported the negotiation process and welcomes the final signature "this agreement is another important milestone in the EGI strategy of establishing long-term relationships with diverse virtual research communities, thus expanding the user base and connecting them. More agreements with various actors are nearing the finish line and will be announced in the coming weeks".

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