The countdown for the EGI User Forum has started

With less than a week to go before the start of the User Forum in Vilnius (11-14 April), the organisers are pleased to announce another three keynote speakers invited to the event.

  • Ian Fisk, from FermiLab, will describe WLCG experiences, based on the early results from using their global Tiered data distribution structure (Tier 0-3). These experiences have motivated the proposed move to a cached data model, and he will indicate how this knowledge can help other communities to use distributed infrastructures;

  • Tommi Nyrönen, development manager at CSC –the Finnish IT Centre for Science – and the Finnish contact for the ELIXIR project, will introduce the collaborative ‘Hub and Nodes’ structure of this large distributed European project, and the IT strategies and infrastructure it is exploring to support its research community;

  • Nick Barcet, from Canonical, will talk about how Ubuntu can be used to create Infrastructure as a Service cloud data centres, and is now becoming a popular guest operating system to deploy in public clouds.

They will join the other two keynote speakers, Steve Rawlings from the University of Oxford and Ruth Pordes from the Open Science Grid, announced in March.

Online registration for the User Forum is now closed, but it will be possible to register for the event at the conference site.

See you all in Vilnius!


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