NorduGrid announces conference on ARC middleware

The NorduGrid invites all users, operators, decision makers and developers to register for their annual conference on ARC middleware development. The event will be held at the Sundvolden Hoten in Norway, between 9-12 May. Online registration for NorduGrid2011 is open until 31 March.

NorduGrid is a collaboration set to develop, maintain and support Advance Resource Connector, a free grid middleware more commonly known as ARC.

“This event is the best possibility to learn about ARC, meet the community, including all the key developers,” says Balázs Kónya, NorduGrid’s technical coordinator. “If your NGI is already running ARC, or is considering some of the ARC services, then this is the best event to attend.”

“The main goal of the conference is to promote collaboration between ARC developers, users, system administrators and developers of other middleware stacks,” adds Farid Ould-Saada, the collaboration’s chairman.
This year´s event is special as it coincides with the tenth anniversary of the NorduGrid collaboration.

The scientific programme will focus on how the challenges of middleware development evolved over the past decade, as well as the relationship between NorduGrid’s ARC and the European Grid Infrastructure’s (EGI) middleware, operations and user communities and ARC in the clouds.

Ould-Saada highlights a two-day technical workshop about ARC developments and an ARC user school.

The event was not planned as a regional Nordic meeting and everyone with an interest in ARC is very welcome to come along.

“Nordugrid Conferences always have a very open and special atmosphere where real discussion is possible among all the players: students, researchers, middleware developers, infrastructure operators and politicians,” says Kónya. “It is our community event.”

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