Users Support Team

The main purpose of HellasGrid User Support Team (UST) is to guide the new users on the procedure of accessing the HellasGrid infrastructure and their continuous support during their daily work with the grid infrastructure. For a candidate user to access the HellasGrid infrastructure, he/she must register at the infrastructure at the site Detailed guides concerning the access procedure are available here.

Specifically, the HellasGrid Users Support Team provides the following services in collaboration with other support groups of HellasGrid:

  • Consulting services: The UST provides consulting services to users wishing to access the grid infrastructure of HellasGrid.
  • User Support: UST is a first level of support for the users to solve their problems concerning their daily work with grid infrastructure and serve their requests, in general.
  • Users’ request gathering. UST performs periodically various surveys for gathering users’ requirements and their satisfaction degree by the HellasGrid infrastructure. The results of these surveys are used as the base for the further development of the grid infrastructure and the improvement of the provided services.
  • Creation of supportive users’ guides. UST in collaboration with the other support teams of HellasGrid creates various guides and documentation pages concerning users’ support.
  • Provision of statistics. UST provide statistical reports concerning the registered to HellasGrid users, for example their number, their scientific fields, their institute/organization, etc.

Furthermore, other support tools have been created:

  • HellasGrid wiki: It is the official HellasGrid wiki, which the users can use in order to find supportive information concerning the access to HellasGrid infrastrucute and its use.
  • Software discovery engine: It is a web portal from where the users can search at which HellasGrid sites and User Interfaces specific software packages are installed .

The users can come in contact with HellasGrid UST by using the following e-mail user-support (at)

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