Software Sustainability Institute holds Collaborations Workshop

On 3-4 March this year, the Software Sustainability Institute (UK) is holding the Collaborations Workshop 2011. It’s a two-day workshop that brings together researchers who use software, funders and software developers. Its goal is to provide attendees with everything needed to create successful collaborations. We want to provide the perfect forum for people to discuss their research and their project’s requirements, and then meet the people who can fulfill those requirements.

Getting people together from different research fields is exciting and terrifying. On the one hand, who knows what problems could be solved and what new research could be started? And on the other hand, how can you possibly agenda a meeting where you don’t know who’s turning up? The easy answer is: we don’t. Rather than relying on a fixed agenda, what we discuss at the workshop depends on the interests of the people who attend. Before and during the workshop, the attendees suggest topics for discussion. At the workshop, we take a vote and only the most popular topics make the agenda.

To kick things off, we’re starting the workshop with a session of lightening talks. It’s the perfect opportunity for attendees to advertise their work and let people know who they want to collaborate with. After the talks are complete, we’ll give attendees the chance to meet up with the people they’re interested so that they can discuss potential collaborations. We’ll even try to get them sitting together at the conference dinner!

Collaboration without funding is difficult, so we’ve invited funders from every Research Council in the United Kingdom. We’re having a good take up from EPSRC, JISC and STFC and we hope to persuade representatives from the other councils to attend too.

If you use software in your research - or want to use it in the future - the Collaborations Workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to meet people who you could work with.

More information

  • Date: 3-4 March 2011

  • Location: e-Science Institute, Edinburgh

  • Registration website:

  • Conference website:

  • Registration fee: £60

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