Cyprus joins the list of fully operational NGIs

The Cypriot National Grid Initiative (CyGrid) is the latest NGI to become fully operational, as announced in a broadcast to the EGI community on 8 December.

There were no last minute glitches to report: “Everything was fine the last days, with no problems or issues,” said Andoena Balla, system administrator at CyGrid. The Nagios monitoring system, used to test and access the quality of service, was the last tool to become fully operational. But there is still work to do. For the near future, CyGrid is planning to implement the “migration of all services to glite 3.2,” says Balla. “Also we are planning to buy new servers and provide more resources to our users,” she adds.

Cyprus operates two sites attached to the European Grid Infrastructure and has 13 active users from the fields of Computer Science and Physics. CyGrid’s users run a number of applications listed on their online database. CyGrid is Cyprus’ national resource provider as well as the country’s representative on the council.

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