New major release of the EGI Applications Database

The new release of the EGI Applications Database (AppDB) was announced last Thursday, 18 November, by the AppDB administration team. The Applications Database stores tailor-made applications, ready to be used on the European Grid Infrastructure.

Previously AppDB was in read-only mode. Writing access is still restricted to representatives from the different National Grid Initiatives (NGI), who will register new applications and tools on behalf of their team. The AppDB administration team, based at the Institute of Accelerating Systems and Applications (IASA) in Athens, Greece, welcomes new contributors: “if you want to to gain write access to AppDB on behalf of your NGI, please apply for it in a GGUS ticket, by specifying "AppDB write access request" in the "Short description" field, and stating the NGI you represent in the description field below,” they suggest.

  • Key features of the new AppDB release are:

  • Authenticated, secure write access for users based on the EGI SSO system

  • Linkage of EGI application developer and EGI application user profiles with EGI SSO

  • Expanded profile pages about applications, tools and people

  • Statistical information about applications, tools, and people, with multiple format image export support

  • Support for every EGI middleware (gLite, ARC, UNICORE, Globus)

  • News feed about latest AppDB activities

  • User messaging and system notifications through internal inbox system

The applications database was developed to encourage scientists to use the grid in their research and to avoid duplication of programming and porting efforts across the EGI community.


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