European Desktop Grid Initiative welcomes subcontractors

The European Desktop Grid Initiative (EDGI), one of EGI’s sister e-Infrastructure projects, is looking for four subcontractors: two to provide infrastructure and two to bring in new application user communities.

The EDGI project aims to extend the work already done by EDGeS (Enabling Desktop Grids for eScience) in connecting gLite based Service Grids to Desktop Grids, out to scientific clouds and Unicore and KnowArc based Grids.

EDGI welcomes bids from organisations that represent user groups with computing needs that require a large-scale grid, and from existing infrastructures that wish to reach to a large user community by connecting to the EDGI infrastructure. The project expects the two infrastructure subcontractors to extend the resources brought into the EDGI infrastructure by the original partners. These can be academic clouds, as well as local or existing desktop grids ready to support applications ported by EDGeS and EDGI.

The two application user communities subcontractors are expected to extend the number of ported applications to the EDGI infrastructure with new application domains. Applicants are also expected to bring at least a matching unfunded effort to the project and to participate in project meetings and dissemination activities.

More information is available from the EDGI consortium webpage.

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