INDIGO-DataCloud project approved

The INDIGO-DataCloud project, with the objective of developing a new cloud software platform for the scientific community, has been approved by the European Commission within the scope of Horizon 2020. The project will bring together 26 institutions and major companies from 11 different European countries, coordinated at the European level by the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN).

Datacenter upgrade works

The ~okeanos datacenter will undergo an upgrade period on January 21. The upgrade will start at 17:00 EET and we expect it to last 5 hours, until 22:00 EET.
It is possible that during this period ~okeanos services (Cyclades, Pithos+) may be affected.

The upgrade works are necessary in order to address problems in our routers software and the activation of new features that will improve our services.

Thank you,
the ~okeanos team

Early Christmas by ~okeanos

Hello everybody,

Hopefully everyone is merry and bright and whatnot. If you still have room in your Christmas socks, then get ready for this present; the 0.16 version of Synnefo has just been released. Let's see which are the new features that you may get excited about:

Pool projects: Projects have been upgraded to a new unified "pool project" type in Synnefo 0.16. Resources get assigned to projects, and project members  may reserve resources from individual projects for their own use. Users may choose a project where a new resource can be charged (e.g., a new Cyclades VM or a new IP address), and re-assign them freely.

Storage: For those familiar with Openstack, we have introduced a complete implementation of the OpenStack Block Storage  (Cinder) API v2.0, with distinct /volumes, /snapshots, /types API endpoints.

Console: We have updated our "Console" functionality with a noVNC-based console and HTML5-based UI, that lets you connect to your VM over VNC with HTTPS encryption. Now, let's translate this sentence to human speech: no more annoying Java pop-ups. That's the gist.

As always, do not hesitate to contact us for any bugs you may find or any extra Christmas cookies you want to share. Especially for the latter.

See you next year,
the ~okeanos team


Power upgrade works

Due to extended power upgrade works in our datacenter, the ~okeanos service will be disrupted between 07:00 and 23:30 on Saturday, December 13. The running Cyclades VMs will be temporary shut down during the planned maintenance, and they will be automatically restarted when works end. The planned works are not expected to affect Pithos+.

Note that if you have long running jobs or services you should ensure that they are at a stable state before the upgrade. To do that you can shut them down pro-actively before 07:00, Saturday 13.

The works that affect the entire facility (not just the datacenter) are necessary to upgrade the power capacity and will be carried out by authorized personnel.

Shutting down VMs, even temporarily, is not something we do lightheartedly. However, if we would encounter unforeseen problems in the upgrade process we would not be able to maintain all the infrastructure in reserve power for an extended period of time. Although the probability of this happening is miniscule, this could result in uncontrolled shut downs and data loss.

Thank you in advance for your understanding,

The ~okeanos team.